Norfolk Island Chamber of Commerce, Inc
Norfolk Island
I am a Norfolk Islander, and descendant of the Bounty Mutineers (Pitcairn Island).

I have been President of the Norfolk Island Chamber of Commerce, Inc (Chamber) since 2017, except for 9 months. The Chamber is a business association of economic
champions. As the voice of local business, the Chamber is a strong advocate for continued development of our community and a partner for prosperity. By working together and focusing on initiatives that support growth, members use the services of the Chamber as an important resource for their business success.

Discussions could centre around

* Business opportunities linking to other Pacific islands
* Re-colonisation of Norfolk Island
* Environmental impact of Norfolk Island
* Fuel (Norfolk has perhaps the highest price of fuel)
* Freight services (sea and air)
* Mail delivery
* GST not available on Norfolk Island
* Fishing Rights

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